Paul Haft

President &
Chief Colour Officer
Paul’s passion for colour and design is only rivaled by his love for holidays and sweets! Candy, cookies, cupcakes and tarts, that’s the way to his heart.

Susan Murray

General Manager
Susan is a client service specialist and team leader who throws great dinner parties and has an awesome collection of napkin rings.

Anne Onn

Creative Director
Anne loves to create and explore. And she’s always up for the debate of whether or not white is a colour.

Alison Savage

Brand Strategist

As a trusted partner, Alison helps brands identify their unique DNA and finds compelling ways to communicate it.  She’s also an intrepid world traveler with a passion for immersing herself in other cultures.

Carla Sorto

Director, Finance & HR
Carla is a spreadsheet and numbers geek with an appreciation for fine tequila.

Brittany Siddall

Brittany believes it’s all about the presentation – it’s the details that matter the most. She also can’t resist a great glass of pinot grigio.

Marsha Venkatarangam

Associate Art Director
Marsha thrives off creativity. She’s small but mighty.

Julia Mauer

Account Coordinator
Julia is a master of process and can often be found wearing dark clothing in hot places.

Ian Gordon

Director, Production
Doesn’t suffer from OCD, he thrives off it.

Nicole Tarasick

Nicole subscribes to the “less is more” design philosophy, but when it comes to stripes – the more the better.

Erika Jee

Art Director
Erika is always busy playing with the colours in her work, she forgets to add colour to her wardrobe.

Ever Hobbes

Web Developer
Ever is a web developer, artist and sometime-author. His passion is for making
and sharing.

Joe Hash

Joe uses words to create an emotional connection with brands—also, to write country songs.


Director of Positivity
A top-dog in the industry, Ruby prides herself as the only team member allowed to nap under the boardroom table.


Ben Bennett
Video Production
David Houghton
Creative Direction
Web Development
Nanistya Martohardjono
Creative Direction
Tess Morgan
Ania Szado