Paul Haft

President &
Chief Colour Officer
Paul’s passion for colour and design is only rivaled by his love for holidays and sweets! Candy, cookies, cupcakes and tarts, that’s the way to his heart.

Susan Murray

General Manager
Susan is a client service specialist and team leader who throws great dinner parties and has an awesome collection of napkin rings.

Alison Savage

Brand Strategist

As a trusted partner, Alison helps brands identify their unique DNA and finds compelling ways to communicate it.  She’s also an intrepid world traveler with a passion for immersing herself in other cultures.

Judy Flanagan

Brand Strategist
The queen of strategy, Judy’s curiosity and insights pinpoint brand positioning. When Judy’s not asking questions, she’s enjoying life at her cottage up north.

Rhonda Wormald

Rhonda is many things, including an account manager. When she’s not helping clients, she’s living her best life.

Meredith MacKinlay

Creative Director
Meredith is a creative director, fan of a pop of colour, enthusiastic cook, a late-in-life Elvis fan and general bon vivant.

Nanistya Martohardjono

Creative Director
Nanistya is all about creative collaboration. She’ll find inspiration anywhere: shoe-shopping; grooming her Thoroughbred; eating dumplings.

Kathleen Parle

Creative Director
When not designing Kathleen can be found making preserves, pursuing printmaking, telling stories, laughing with family & friends, or meandering about Toronto and futher afield.

Joe Hash

Creative Director
Joe uses words to create an emotional connection with brands—also, to write country songs.

Clarissa Addante

Senior Graphic Designer
Badass design ninja obsessed with lettering and typography

Gareth Fowler

Senior Production Designer
Gareth has an almost dogmatic adherence to grid systems and ratios, which he owes as much to his design sense as to his increasingly less-latent OCD.

Marsha Venkatarangam

Art Director
Marsha thrives off creativity. She’s small but mighty.

Hazel Santiago

Art Director
Hazel loves all things creative, lettering/calligraphy, yoga and of course, food.

Colin Forrest

Account Coordinator
Driven by precision planning. Colin keeps projects on track to ensure client satisfaction

Ever Hobbes

Web Developer
Ever is a web developer, artist and sometime-author. His passion is for making
and sharing.

Carla Sorto

Vice President, Finance & Operations
Carla is a spreadsheet and numbers geek with an appreciation for fine tequila.


Ben Bennett
Video Production
Web Development
Ania Szado
Jeff George
Mark Dury
Cheryl Carter