In this article, Mary Donohue looks at ways to tackle complicated branding challenges. Focusing on the business-change theory, “conceive, believe, and achieve”, Mary interviews Paul Haft about how Haft2 applied this methodology to the global branding of World Ovarian Cancer Day. First, a leader must be able to conceive of ways to initiate change, then enable others to see it, too. World Ovarian Cancer Day required a global belief in the brand, and a world-wide presence to spread awareness of the disease.

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The average person makes at least 58 colour decisions everyday and colour is the first thing a donor will notice about your logo. The cost of using colour today is almost negligible yet most organizations don’t understand how to use colour effectively to increase awareness and drive fundraising.

The days of relying on a coloured ribbon to motivate people to donate are gone.

On November 29th, Paul Haft, President and Chief Colour Officer at Haft2 will share his views on how NGOs can harness the power of colour to uniquely position themselves in the market and develop a colour strategy that can help increase awareness and ultimately fundraising dollars.

In this article, Paul Haft is interviewed about his work in branding and the effective use of colour. Paul Brent’s article explores how this “Toronto design company helps clients get noticed, such as the Breast Cancer Foundation of Canada”. Read the abstract or download the full article on the Toronto Star website.

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