The MasterCard Foundation

In 2012, The MasterCard Foundation (MCF) took over responsibility for managing the Symposium on Financial Inclusion in Africa. As first-time sponsors, they wanted to increase the quality of conference materials and the conference experience to reflect the thought leadership for which MCF is known.

Haft2 was engaged to reimagine what the conference aesthetic could look like. We designed the staging, program, PowerPoint template, and lanyards with large, animated photographs for participants. For cost-effectiveness and ease of delivery, we worked through a production company in Africa to execute the materials.

MCF received extremely positive feedback on the event, with 93% of participants agreeing that the materials presented were credible and useful. Haft2 continues to work on this annual event each year.

Using photography as a key visual for the event, our colour palette complemented the images and aligned with the MCF corporate palette to create a distinctive identity.