Pit Bull Flower Power

To many, the words “Pit Bull” strike fear into the heart and send a barrage of violent imagery racing through the mind. The breed has long been (some say wrongly) identified as the instigator of vicious attacks on children and portrayed as an aggressive fighting or guard dog in the media. As a result, Pit View full post


If you’re like most people, the ability to share your home address is probably not something that you put too much thought into, aside from ordering takeout or giving directions from here to there. What would you do though, if there were no real way to identify exactly where you live? Believe it or not, View full post

Colourful Trends for 2016

Here at Haft2, we think that colour makes everything better. That’s why we’re glad to see that so many trends this year involve our favourite medium. To celebrate the start of a New Year, we’ve rounded up five 2016 trends across different industries that incorporate a much needed pop of colour. Enjoy! Fashion: Bright Bags, View full post

The CN Tower Night Lighting

For Torontonians like us, the CN Tower is a local fixture that we’ve grown up with and visited at least a few times over the span of our lives. What we don’t tend to consider, however, is the colourful display that occurs upon sunset. Like many other buildings across the world, the CN Tower is View full post