Our Favourite Super Bowl 2016 Ads

Whether or not football is your particular cup of tea, the Super Bowl is an undeniable force of nature in North American culture. Not a sports fan? Take the opportunity to listen to Beyoncé. Advertising geek like we are? Discuss and learn from what are (debatably) the most discussed TV ads of the year. Below View full post

New Logos

Here at Haft2, we create logos like it’s our job (okay, it is our job). That means that we love to discuss every new logo as it’s announced to determine exactly how it applies to our own work and to draw any creative inspiration where we can. At the beginning of this week, a new View full post

The Harvard Colour Library

Have you ever pondered the history behind colour? What about the origins behind each individual shade? Dr. Edward Forbes did, and it turned him into a collector of colours from all over the world. Now housed in the Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies at the Harvard Art Museum, the collection has grown at View full post

Tourism Goals

Newfoundland and Labrador is no stranger to tourism. With its beautiful landscapes, quirky neighbourhoods, and friendly communities, most who visit leave happy and refreshed. This is no wonder either, considering that the province’s economic growth relies heavily on the tourism industry. As part of their award-winning “Find Yourself” campaign, Newfoundland and Labrador recently announced the View full post