• We make you think about colour.
  • We ask questions you haven't thought of.
  • We solve problems you didn't know existed.


How we do things here.

Our core principles of mastery, chemistry and delivery form the foundation of everything we do. Mastery is about what we bring to the table; our skills that make us qualified to do what we do. Chemistry is who we are as people and how we interact with our clients and each other; it’s what makes others want to go out of their way to work with us. Delivery is about listening to what our clients want, and then delivering on it every time. And we do.

  • Mastery

    What we offer; the skills required to do the job.
  • Chemistry

    Our way; how we interact with the world, and each other.
  • Delivery

    It’s our word and commitment; our promise to you.


Diverse needs call for diverse solutions.

Our five-step methodology is a conversation based on careful listening and strategic execution. Each of the five phases plays a critical role and successful completion of each of them provides the foundation for the one following it. Collectively, our methodology is structured it to generate the most effective results based on your specific goals and objectives.

Colour Lovin’

Our colour-loving creation of the moment


Since our establishment, Haft2 has been committed to creating a better future. Twice a year we grant colour forecasting and design work on a pro bono basis to qualified non-profit organizations that are in need of new, effective branding. Want to speak more effectively to your donors? We know how.